Hello World In Python - First Programming Example in Python

Python Program to Print “Hello World”

“Hello, World!” is once and again the first program which programmers learn to write when they start to learning a new programming language. This is a simple program that prints the speech “Hello, World!” to the console or output on System. Python is a high-level, expound programming language that is known for its readability and ease of use. Python is once and again used for scripting, web development, data analysis, machine learning, and more other.

Allover, learning how to print “Hello, World!” in Python is a best way to get started with the language and start researching its capabilities. It’s also a fun and Fecund way to experience the joy of coding and begin your journey as a Python programmer.

Using Print()

There we will be using the Python print() function for the equivalent. The print() function in Python is aged to print Python objects as strings as standard below output.

# python program to print "Hello World" 
print("Hello World")

OutPut :

Hello World

Using sys

Follow in this method we are going to print string using the sys module, sys module in Python take measures various functions and variables that are used to manipulate several parts of the Python runtime environment. It accommodate operating on the interpreter as it provides access to the variables and functions that interact strongly with the interpreter.

# python program to print "Hello World" 
import sys 
sys.stdout.write("Hello World") 

Output :

Hello World

Using a string Variable

This Python code makes a variable message and assigns it the value “Hello, World!”. After, the print() function is used to print of the value of the message variable to the console.

# python program to print "Hello World" 
message = "Hello, World!"

Output :

Hello, World!

Using f-string

In this case, the f-string comprise a single expression that is simply the string “Hello, World!”. When we run this code, we will see the string “Hello, World!” printed to the console output.

# python program to print "Hello World" 
print(f"Hello, World!") 


Hello, World!
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