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  1. What is CSS, How it Works - Roadmap to learn css
  2. Fundamental 3 things of CSS - Cascade, Specificity, Inheritance
  3. What is Class and ID for in CSS ? CSS - Basic Selectors - Tags, Class, ID, Important.
  4. How to Add Comments in CSS ?
  5. The CSS Display Property – Display-Block, Inline-Block, None
  6. How To Work CSS Size - Width, Height, Max-Height, Max-Width Also Padding And Marging
  7. How To Work CSS Border - border, border-radius
  8. The Fundamental Concept in Web design and Layout of CSS Box Model.
  9. CSS Colors - Valid Color text,Keyword Colors, Hexadecimal, RGB, HSL,HSLA Colors
  10. CSS Texts - Color, Alignment, Decoration, transformation, Spacing - letter-spacing, text-indent, line-height
  11. How To Work CSS Backgrounds - background-color,
  12. CSS Font Size - px, em, rem, vw, vh
  13. CSS Position - static, relative, absolute, sticky, fixed
  14. Pseudo Class - hover, focus, active and Pseudo Element - before, after
  15. More Selectors: Child Selector(>), Adjacent Sibling(+), Attribute Selector, General Siblings(~), :first-child, nth-child(2n)
  16. Overflow - scroll, auto, visible, hidden, overflow-x, overflow-y
  17. CSS Responsive and Media
  18. Responsive Anything - image, font, width, height
  19. Flex-Box, flex-direction: row, column
  20. flex-wrap: wrap, nowrap and flex-flow
  21. Flex-shrink, flex-basis
  22. CSS Justify-content: flex-start, flex-end, center, space-between, space-around, space-evenly
  23. Align-items and align-self
  24. What is Grid CSS, How to use Grid CSS
  25. CSS Grid Properties - Gap, Grid Column Gap, Grid Template Columns
  26. CSS Grid Properties - Grid-auto-rows