#1 Laravel Project Setup and Installation

#1 Laravel Project Setup and Installation


What This Laravel Simple Blog Project Development Series For ?

 Laravel is one of the most popular, fast and secure web framework in the web development area nowadays(2020). It's now a super simple and smart framework for a small developer to a big developer, for a small project to big project.

I'm creating this series to give you the inner interest of Laravel PHP framework. We'll learn everything with some real-world example, so that everything would be clear to you very easily. You can comment here also, if you've any type of confusion in Laravel developement series.


Laravel Project Setup and Installation #1


Step1: Server Requirements Installation

Laravel Needs some prerequisite - For this version - Laravel 7.x

  1. PHP >= 7.2.5
  2. PDO PHP Extension

 So, easiest way to install PHP, PDO and other extensions is install Xampp/Wampp.


Step2: Composer Installation

PHP based application used composer to update and download packages. For example like in javascript, npm is used. For PHP, it is composer. So, Laravel also needs to install composer and setup composer perfectly.

  • Download Composer - https://getcomposer.org/download/  
  • Download and Install Composer-Setup.exe 
  • Add Composer in Environment Variables like the above image (If only composer automatically installed)
  • Restart Computer or Just Restart your command console
  • Check Composer Confirmation by writing composer command


Check Composer Environment Variable path and add (if needed)


Confirm Composer by typing composer command:


 Step3: Install Basic Laravel Project

So, everything is done. Now it's time to install a basic Laravel Project by running this command - 

composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel laravel-blog

It'll create a project called laravel-blog in your c:/xampp/htdocs/laravel-blog folder, with all of the packages and other installations of Laravel.

Sometimes, it needs to run -  command when importing project

composer update


Step4: Run our first Laravel Applicaiont

Run the above ommmd to run this projec on the server. NB: Please always open xampp before start coding.

php artisan serve


Open the browser and hit this URL - 


It will get a live project in browser with default setup of Laravel.

So, our Laravel Blog Project has been live in this URL.


Learn more from Official Documentation of Laravel - https://laravel.com/docs/7.x/installation


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