#0 Before Starting Laravel Framework Development - What is Laravel and Why ?

#0 Before Starting Laravel Framework Development - What is Laravel and Why ?

Hello Laravel Lovers, We're going to start our Advanced Blog Project Development using Laravel PHP Frameowork So, first we'll understood what we want to build and why we choose the Laravel PHP Framework.

What is Laravel and Why ?


Laravel is one of the most popular framework of PHP upto August 2020, when I'm writing this article. It's an open source, PHP language based Web framework. It's created by Taylor Otwell on June 2009, 11 years ago from now(upto 2020). It followed the MVC(Model-View-Controller) pattern of software architecture and it's based on PHP Symphony.

Current version of Laravel is 7.20.0



Laravel is the most fastest, simplest, smartest, most flexible and scalable web development framework of 2020. 

Check the Google trends of Web Frameworks upto 2019 to 2020 (two years)



So, We're seeing, Laravel is in a very good position upto 2 years without any comment. It's compettetor is Django.

Laravel other compettor of PHP language are the follows - 





So, There is no urgue here to start with your career about Laravel.


Job Analysis of Laravel PHP Framework from 2019 to 2020:

Laravel developer has plenty of jobs in all over the world. We've searched also the Google trends of Laravel framework which indicates that Laravel has gained it's popularity.

Here is the basic Jobs in Freelancer.com of Laravel PHP Framework of 9 August 2020 of  203  Job Pending with a very good pricing. 




Job Salary of Laravel Developer:

 The average Job Salary of a Laravel Job Developer is $80K Per Year almost all over the world. 



#1 Laravel Project Setup and Installation