#8 React Component - Create Component - Types of Component - Example
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#8 React Component - Create Component - Types of Component - Example

Welcome to React Basic to Pro Series Day 8.

What is discussed today -

What is Component

  1. Minimal Part of UI
  2. Reusable Part of UI
  3. Independent
  4. Acts Like JS Function, return HTML element

Why React Use Component

  1. To Make Code Maintainable
  2. To make Code Separated, Reusable

Make A Component

  1. Create Class as Previous Convention &
  2. Export to Component & Use this as HTML Code

Two Types of Component

  1. Class Base Component &
  2. Functional Component
  3. Example of Both Component

Real-Life Scenarios Implementation of Component for an Ecommerce Project



Code Example With Preview [Click Sidebar Toggle Icon to view Code] -


Download Source Code - 



 Video Source:

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