HTML Introduction - What is HTML and Why is for HTML

HTML Introduction - What is HTML and Why is for HTML

Hello, welcome to our HTML series. We'll start our HTML learning journey from this tutorial. And we'll be very straightforward and do exercises and examples to the point so that it would not cost you valuable time and you would be able to learn real things in a very quick time.


What is HTML:

HTML means - HyperText Markup Language. It is the markup language for web page design and development. HTML is used to build web pages. It's built in 1993 - almost 28 years ago. 


Is HTML a programming language:

No, HTML is not a programming language like C, C++, Java, PHP. It's a markup language, which is only responsible for markup/build the web interfaces. It can not able to make also any dynamic things.


What can be built with HTML:

  1. Any type of website which needs the markup can be done by HTML. 
  2. Any Web application layout can be made by HTML
  3. Any Website's wireframing can be done using HTML


What is an HTML file:

HTML file is a file like others. It's extension is - .html or .htm. So, just create a file with .html extension. Create a file called - test.html


Where this HTML will run:

HTML file runs on web browser. You can use any of the web browser to run your HTML file. Popular Web browser could be - 

  1. Chrome - Download Link
  2. Firefox - Download Link
  3. Safari - Download Link
  4. Edge - Download Link
  5. Internet Explorer (Outdated) - Download Link
  6. Opera - Download Link and so on.

Right click on the file (test.html) and Choose - Open with Google Chrome. HTML file will be then opened with Google Chrome then.


Where We can write Code in HTML:

We can write HTML code in Code Editor. There are several code editor available in online. Possible HTML code editors are - 

  1. Notepad (Default in Windows)
  2. Notepad++ - Download Link
  3. Sublime Text Editor (Recommended) - Download Link
  4. Atom - Download Link
  5. Visual Studio Code (Recommended) - Download Link
  6. Vim
  7. Text Mate
  8. and many more

To Edit any HTML file, Right Click on the file and Choose - Open with Visual Studio Code (As I'm assuming, you've installed visual studio code).

test.html file will be then opened in Visual Studio Code.


Write Something in our test.html file:

We'll cover up the details later. Now, we're just giving you the idea - How an HTML file looks like.

        <title>Hello World</title>

         <h1>Welcome ! </h1>
         <p>Hello World, We've come here to learn HTML</p>


It'll just looks like this when we run this in the browser - 



HTML Introduction Summarize:

So, summarize the story - In this part,

  1. we've learned about HTML 
  2. Learned about it's use cases. We have created our first file test.html
  3. We've learned where to run HTML file
  4. We've learned where to write HTML Codes
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