#0 What is C Programming and How to Start
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#0 What is C Programming and How to Start

Welcome to the learning path of one of the most favorite and simplest programming language called "C Programming".

 What is C Programming Language

C is a mid level, general purpose, procedural programming language which is used since 44 years. It first appeared in 1972(almost 48 years ago) and still C Programming language rules the world with a strong hand. And in that time, C gains all of the popularity and stability. C Can be developed in cross platform like both windows, mac, linux.

The Creator of this language is Dennis Ritchie. And it was developed at Bell Labs


 Why C Programming Language

To answer this question, why is C Programming language for, we have to dive into first why is programming language for.

Programming language is for to do something programmatically or with some scripting.  

In a nutshell C is called the Mother language of Programming. C Programming Language is erally a very simple, faster and easy to learn programming language.

Almost every programmer has started there first programming language with C Programming. Here is some reasons why we should use this C Programming language - 

  1. My first reason would be it is the simplest programming language in the compettetor of languages.
  2. It is the basics of all other programing languages. If we clear the concept of C Programming language, we can be the master of any programming language easily.
  3. C can be easily used for high level programming and low level programming. It is used to develope enterprise applications, games, graphics etc.
  4. C can easily communicate with Machine Learning and hardware application can easily developed and integrated with C Programming language.
  5. C Programming language has also a very small runtime. It has bidded all others programming language here in it's size.
  6. C is also a very structured programming programming language. That means for a big or complex project, we can make the code structured by making functions.
  7. C has a strong/rich library to make applications quickly
  8. If you learn C, you've to learn the all of the concepts like loop, if-else, string manupulations. So, your concept would be clear easily.
  9. C offers dynamic memory allocations. Memory address access and pointer manipulation is the greatest feature of C programming language, which makes it faster and friendly for system development.
  10. For example and to give a scenerio, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS and everything made almost using C Language.
  11. C is case sensitive, which means lowercase and uppercase are different and this is important to start in prorgramming learnings.


What can I do using this C Programming

C Programming is actually use for system development or server environment development. I can make the following things using this C Programming Language - 

  1. Small embedded system applications.
  2. Server Applications
  3. Entrprise Level Applications
  4. Graphics
  5. Gaming Applications
  6. Operating System Development
  7. Machine Learning
  8. Hardware Software Development


Simple Hello World Application using C Programming

So, let's see a basic programming in C Programming language and see it's simpliness.

#include <stdio.h>
int main (void){
   printf ("Hello World");
   return 0;

We'll learn deeply all of the cocepts of C programming language. Just stay with me and stay with this tutorial.



#1 Start Your First Coding With C Programming