How to export Laravel Database dump easily in 20 lines of coding - Backup DB
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How to export Laravel Database dump easily in 20 lines of coding - Backup DB

Why Needs Database backup regularly ?

For a website, sometimes, you should keep backup your database regularly so that you could handle any bad scenarios when things just bloated up. Some hackers could hack your site and can destroy the database. If he. destroy database, then your all life-long investment into that website will gone into dustbin. So I believe it’s very much important for a site owner to make a backup of their website database regularly. And I’ve added a quick simple way to make backup a laravel blog website database regularly.

Let’s make Laravel database backup code -

Step 1:

Open the routes/web.php file and add the following code:


Route::get('/export-db', 'BackupController@exportDB')->name('export');

Step 2:

Go to app/Http/Controllers. Create a file called BackupController.php. Let’s put the following code in it -


Step 3:

So, we’ve done. Now let’s get our backup by calling this URL daily - http://localhost:8000/export-db?password=astrongpassword

[Note: http://localhost:8000 would be your website domain name]
Whenever you’ll hit this route, you’ll get your database backup sql file like so - dbname-2023-01-01.sql

Hope you enjoyed this simple approach to backup Laravel based database regularly.
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