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In this HackerRank Functions in PYTHON problem solution,

You are asked to ensure that the first and last names of people begin with a capital letter in their passports. For example, alison heck should be capitalised correctly as Alison Heck.

alison heck => Alison heck

Given a full name, your task is to capitalize the name appropriately.

Input Format

A single line of input containing the full name, S.


  • 0 <= len(S) <= 1000
  • The string consists of alphanumeric characters and spaces.

Note: in a word only the first character is capitalized. Example 12abc when capitalized remains 12abc.

Output Format

Print the capitalized string, S.

Sample Input

chris alan

Sample Output

Chris Alan





Code Examples

#1 Code Example with Python Programming

Code - Python Programming

def solve(s):
    l = list(s)
    for i, c in enumerate(l):
        if i==0 or l[i-1]==' ':
    return ''.join(l)
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