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In this HackerRank Functions in Java programming problem solution,

Comparators are used to compare two objects. In this challenge, you'll create a comparator and use it to sort an array.

The Player class is provided for you in your editor. It has 2 fields: a name String and a score integer. Given an array of n Player objects, write a comparator that sorts them in order of decreasing score; if 2 r more players have the same score, sort those players alphabetically by name. To do this, you must create a Checker class that implements the Comparator interface, then write an int compare(Player a, Player b) method implementing the o1, T o2) method.

Input Format

Input from stdin is handled by the locked stub code in the Solution class.

The first line contains an integer, n , denoting the number of players.
Each of the n subsequent lines contains a player's name and score , respectively.


  • 0 <= score <= 1000
  • 2 players can have the same name.
  • Player names consist of lowercase English letters.

Output Format

You are not responsible for printing any output to stdout. The locked stub code in Solution will create a Checker object, use it to sort the Player array, and print each sorted element.

Sample Input

amy 100
david 100
heraldo 50
aakansha 75
aleksa 150

Sample Output

aleksa 150
amy 100
david 100
aakansha 75
heraldo 50






Code Examples

#1 Code Example with Java Programming

Code - Java Programming

import java.util.*;

class Checker implements Comparator {
    public int compare(Player p1, Player p2) {
        if (p1.score == p2.score) {
        } else {
            return p2.score - p1.score; // descending order

class Player {
    String name;
    int score;
    Player(String name, int score) { = name;
        this.score = score;

class Solution {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        Scanner scan = new Scanner(;
        int n = scan.nextInt();

        Player[] player = new Player[n];
        Checker checker = new Checker();
        for (int i = 0; i < n; i++) {
            player[i] = new Player(, scan.nextInt());
        Arrays.sort(player, checker);
        for (int i = 0; i < player.length; i++) {
            System.out.printf("%s %s\n", player[i].name, player[i].score);
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